Humans, Pt. 2: The Birth

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In the wake of their debut release ‘Humans Pt.1’, Redsea return with a second offering, ‘Humans Pt. 2: The Birth’; showcasing a new sound with deeply conceptual parameters. Unlike the consistent angelic feel of itspredecessor, ‘Humans Pt.2’ is wider ranging with varied senses of both optimism and tension across the three tracks. 


Warmth radiates from the cords of both ‘Love Should’ and ‘You Deserve’, in stark contrast to ‘Raindrop’ taking an eerie turn, with turbulent rhythms and weighty bass. Across the EP the listener is taken on a journeythrough the highs and lows of love. ‘Love Should’ introduces us to both a positive outlook and also insecurity; the track builds led by the angelic vocals to a burst of life prior to its end. 


The fall into ‘Raindrop’ offers a reference to turbulence and melancholy, whilst the soulful melodies of ‘You Deserve’ restore optimism. Romantic lyricism reinforces positive energies felt when in love, along with the rolling easy-going groove providing a lift to see out the EP.