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Humans, Pt. 1: The Beginnings

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Redsea’s debut offering is an intimate invitation to their all-embracing musical vision as they embark on establishing themselves as a new and bold live electronic act for 2019.

The dreamlike compositions of “Climb Me” “Are We Alive?” and “Forever” each summon their own independently angelic mood underpinned with stage-filling electronic production and dramatic vocal flair.

Solemn in richness, the first three tracks contained within “Humans Part 1” comfortably place themselves amongst the emotionally candid, positioned with a striking and deliberate windswept atmosphere; conjuring dark emotional resonance and sonic texture at every chance. 

Perhaps unsurprisingly the Italian pairs more conventional pop structures are still adorned with powerfully synthetic and at times on “Are we Alive?” scientific tones with layers of vocal ambience that meander around cerebral electronic synths.

The simplicity of the vocals contain dreamlike whispers of reverb around almost every turn as Redsea begin a voyage not only of musical discovery but their own personal and introverted concept.